27 December 2015

Primark Haul | Boxing Day Haul


13 July 2015

Summer Stripes

If you're reading this post whilst the gentle tip tap of rain drops hits your window, then fear not, because the warm weather will be returning at the end of the week. We'll be hitting 28 degrees by Thursday (insha allah) which of course means you'll need to stick on your summer dresses again!

And this stripey pleated dress from Blue Vanilla is just the thing you need! The length of the dress means you can pair it with jeans to opt for a casual look or will leggings and platforms for a more elegant style! Its a chiffon material dress with knee length lining and as such I chose to wear it with jeans and flats which made it an ideal outfit for going down to the river! (I've been promising my niece I'll take her again since then, and now I finally have some time off work, its raining - typical English weather!) 

White can be unflattering at times - and make you look bigger than you are - and you always run the risk of dripping the green and red parts of your twister ice cream onto it in an unforgiving manner! Thats why I love the stripes on this dress - firstly they break up the white, so even if you drop something on to the dress - which I'll admit I have a tendency to do when I wear white - then the stain wont be immediately noticeable. Secondly the vertical strip pattern is slimming - there are darker navy lines and lighter navy lines, the lighter ones are not as evident which means they help with the slimming effect without being obvious! #Perfect

The dress is made of chiffon and clinches in at the waist giving pleat detailing - and helping to create that summer body look without any trips to the gym! White and Blue are perfect colours to pair with brown - so throw on your tan sandals, fringe bag and brown hijab - or opt for white and blue accessories like I did! Either way there are so many different combinations to choose from, so how will you wear it?


11 July 2015

Mixing the Elements

This sage and satin Kurti from AAB Collection  has fast become my summer go-to outfit. The simplicity of the design coupled with the complementing fit means its easy to style but looks great. Throw on a pair of leggings and your ready! The light weight fabric makes it ideal for the warm summer days and the satin on the sleeves and back panel adds a touch of elegance.

Mixing the elements seems to be the in thing this summer, and as such I paired the Kurti with my beautiful new watch from Sekonda - the Temptation Rose Gold Two Plated Watch.  A beautiful silver bracelet watch, with a rose gold panel running down the middle - giving you the best of both worlds! The watch is great as it gives you the freedom of experimenting what other accessories to mix with it - stick to just silver or rose gold, or even mix the rest of your accessories.

Finished of with a rose gold dial and dimante outlining, its the perfect Eid present for someone who likes a bit of glamour - or even a little treat to yourself. And its currently on sale! Whats there not to like? Check it out on the house of watches website now... www.houseofwatches.co.uk

What I love most about this watch is how elegant it is, the colours really compliment each other and the watch is big enough to be noticed but dainty enough to not weigh down your arm! Because of the mix of colours, you can even wear the watch alone and not worry about other accessories as it looks so eye catching and beautiful.


1 June 2015

Modest Wardrobe Tips

Hi my loves, 

So a few weeks ago I asked if any of you wanted to see a video on how to make your wardrobe more modest and a lot of you said yes... so I decided to film this video for you! I do go of on a tangent sometimes - so sorry if its a bit of topic at points - but if you have any questions, do let me know as I always try to respond. And if you have any videos you'd like to see then let me know as well.

Until next time... x

25 May 2015

Are you a Dream Catcher?

If I ask you, what is your dream? What is the first thing that pops into your mind? For me, its to travel the world, to see all the beauty god has created and to bask myself in his glory. Whether I will ever be able to do that, is a different thing all together!  Too often we get weighed down by what society, or our family and friends, tell us will make us happy - we have an ideal life in our minds that we feel we must achieve. And yet, how often do we listen to our own hearts? I read an amazing book last summer called The Alchemist - and without giving away too much, the bulk of it talked about how everyone has a dream - but for most of us, we all wander through life being held down by one thing or another and those dreams.. well they just remain dreams… (I defo recommend adding the book to your summer reads!).

So if I have one piece of advise for you my loves which I want you to hold close to you, it is to never stop dreaming and never stop working towards those dreams.. Because sometimes, your happiness lies in the struggle to achieve the dream, and not the dream itself... 

Thats why I am so happy to share with you today, my collaboration with Links of London on their new dream catcher bracelet. For me, a sure sign as to why you should never stop dreaming and perfectly symbolic (this time last year I would never have guessed that in a years time I would have the opportunity to work with such big brands!). The pendent on this *Silver Dream Catcher Bracelet is a reninterpreation of the classic Native American Indian symbol of protection - and it really does feel like the dreams I've caught are protected inside this sterling silver web. The bracelet is an elegant double diamond-cut glitter wire which brings the whole piece together.  Perfect when worn on its own or together with other bracelets in the Links of London collection, this new addition is a sparkling way to bring to life those treasured images.

Now go catch your dreams... 


17 May 2015

Why classic watches really are timeless..

So recently I had the opportunity to work with DKNY watches courtesy of *House of Watches.  Now if you all know my style, I like big and bling - but summer time calls for more simple understated jewellery. Pieces that compliment the outfit rather than steal the limelight. Watches can be timeless pieces, if you pick the right one - I always find myself choosing pieces which I know will work with a number of pieces in my wardrobe and something that I will be able to style for a multitude of occasions. Thats why I opted for this DKNY Ladies Stanhope Watch - a beautiful white leather strap watch paired with rose gold detailing - the size of the watch is elegant and dainty - yet pretty enough to attract the eye. 

Watches is they can tell a story, and by picking a classic piece, you can tell a different story over and over again. What I love most about this piece is that its difficult to define what "time era" it should belong to - the simplicity of the design, the elegance of the complimenting white and rose colours and the traditionalism of the leather strap and circle dial mean that this could belong to an era that existed even before I did! And vice versa, because of its timeless nature I know it will still look classy and elegant in the many years to come (insha allah!).

I prefer leather watches in the warmer weather, (and for reasons!), they’re lighter to wear and you don't feel like you're walking around with a tonne on your arm! This watch would make the perfect Eid present for someone you love - or even a little treat for yourself! You can fine more details here.. www.houseofwatches.co.uk/dkny


26 April 2015

How to make white jeans more modest - OOTD

Summertime can be difficult as a hijabi - every shop I walk past has an array of cute little dresses, short-shorts and white jeans in the window. And even the trend for maxi skirts this summer has been un-modestfied (yes I made that word up!) - pretty much all the maxi skirts in New Look have slits up the sides - so unfair! The trick is, I guess, to take something not so modest and utilise what you already have in your wardrobe to make it more modest. I'll have a post on summer dresses soon, but today its all about those infamous white skinny jeans.

I love my white jeans, (admittedly this pair is from last summer and a little too snug on me after all that winter comfort eating!) but it can be hard pulling off  modest look with white jeans. I decided to pair them with this beige/cream Delila Tunic from *Sunnah Souq. What I love most about this tunic, aside from the neutral colour!, is that the back is longer than the front which provides great booty coverage - essential when you're wearing skinny jeans!

It has a cute embroidered neck and so I decided to pair it with pearl accessories to bring out the detailing. I finished the look with matching hijab and shoes so that the whole colour palette remained simple and neutral.

I know this post is about skinny jeans, but I thought I'd also let you know that these tunics look great paired with maxi skirts. Given that the front of the tunic is higher than the back, it means more of the skirt is visible and creates a tiered abaya look - depending on the colour of skirt you opt for!

You can shop this tunic along with abayas, jilbabs and maxi dresses from the Sunnah Souq website at www.sunnah-souq.de

P.S. Sorry about the squinty eyes in some of these shots - it was way too bright this day. But on the plus side, I learnt why its better to shoot pics later in the day! :)


18 April 2015

Feeling down or demotivated? So was I... but there's ways to pick yourself back up! :)

Wow, so we're half way through April, and this is my first post of the month! Sorry Ladies!

I would love to say that the reason I haven't been updating as regularly as before is because I was planning something big and amazing or I was away on a relaxing holiday - but unfortunately thats not the case! The truth is I was feeling my very first dose of the "Meh Virus". Now for those of you who are not familiar to this concept, I hope you never will be, but essentially its just a faze where you feel "meh" about everything. I've had it before, at uni, where I've felt really demotivated about things because I wasn't doing enough, and it just results in you doing even less. But back then it only lasted a week or so and this this is the longest period I've ever had it for - and it is horrible ladies! It probably sounds like I was just being lazy, but that wasn't the case. I could have still produced content for my blog, but I don't like doing things half heartedly - and my mumma has always taught me that if you're going to do something, then do it properly or don't do it at all.

And I guess I could have come online today and written a post without disclosing any of this and y'all would have been none the wiser. But I felt that if I shared how I was feeling, then it might help some of you who are in a similar place at the moment. These days, social media plays such a huge role in our lives, and it can be hard when you're constantly looking at people who's lives seem perfect and who always seem happy - but that really isn't the case. I rarely, if ever, share anything negative on my instagram or blog - especially about my own life - and no its not because I want it to come across perfect or better than it is, its because I believe everyone has enough of their own troubles and its more important to share the positive and happy moments and thoughts in order to brighten up peoples days - not dull them even further.

Now that being said, the reason Im sharing this is because when you're feeling down or demotivated, it can be hard to see a way out. I was still doing my normal day to day things, but a lot of the time I was just feeling empty and kept thinking there was something wrong when there was no real problem. I've had real problems in the past, serious problems and I dealt with them - but for the last few months for the first time in my life I started feeling anxious for no reason, I started comfort eating, and I kept all my feelings to myself. Part of the problem was that I started letting go of my prayers, so I would pray here and there, but my heart was never really into it. And I think that made things worse because I felt I had no solace to escape to anymore. I stopped sharing religious inspiration on my social media in fear that I was a hypocrite and I kept telling myself tomorrow will be different, but it took a long time for that tomorrow to come.

So how did things get better? Well there were a number of factors. Firstly, I made a genuine effort with my prayers again. The problem before when I tried to get back to my normal routine of prayers was that I was only praying for the sake of it, instead of actually wanting to. So when I realised that I had to do something to get myself out of the dark hole I was in, I realised the only one I could turn to and be open and honest with was my lord - and that made me want to pray! And when I prayed because I wanted to, I saw the difference, I saw the peace it brought to my heart, and with each prayer I asked for the strength to pray the next one. This was honestly the biggest changing factor in improving my mood and bringing that drive and passion back into my life. In addition to this, I'm so blessed, alhamdullilah, that I have a really good best friend who wakes me up for fajr everyday, who constantly sends me religious reminders and hadiths, and when you're feeling low and lost - you need someone who will push you in the right direction.

Part of the change was due to the weather, its hard to come home from work and jump into bed when the sun is shining so brightly. And if you currently have exams and you're feeling down and you cant enjoy the weather - go and revise outside!

The other thing I had to do was remind myself why I loved the things I did. I'm a passionate person, and I believe thats the reason that I've always done so well academically because I have passion for whatever it is I am learning. But I felt like things were becoming a bit monotonous and mundane, work was the same routine and the weekend came and went so quickly and I just didn't understand how this could be all life comes down to as you get older. The answer? Shake things up - I pulled a few strings at work, spoke to the people I needed to so that I'm constantly learning and pushing myself. I try to plan at least one different activity or place to visit every weekend so that I'm always growing personally as well.

Another thing that can help is giving back to those around you. We are all strapped for time, but try to give a few hours to those in need - it doesn't have to be a charity or an organisation - spend more time with family - with your grandparents! Giving to other people can always make you feel more positive - and what better commodity to give than your time?

If any of your are struggling or feeling alone and thinks theres no one to share you worries with - (because thats how I felt!) - leave a comment below, you can do it anonymously, and insha allah we can all try and support and motivate each other through the difficult times!

That all being said, lets move to todays outfit post - which features this beautiful pastel skirt that I brought from Primark last summer! Thats another thing that can make you feel better - pretty clothes :) I paired it with a white blouse and a lace bolero with a cream coloured scarf. I'm finding it so difficult to find pretty skirts this summer - most of the ones I see have slits in them! If you find any, make sure you let me know, and I'll keep a look out to so I can do a skirts for summer 2015 post soon!

Anyways my loves, I'll leave it here for today.. and inshallah the next post wont be too far away :)


28 March 2015

R2R Shirt Dresses Spring Summer Trends 2015

I struggle finding long shirts to wear over my work trousers, and I often have to resort to wearing a shirt thats a size or too big which results in me spending an unnecessary part of my day struggling with sleeves that are too long for my short dinosaur arms! So I'm super excited for this next trend, as it means it will make it easier for me to find work attire over the next few months.. behold the shirt dress.. a simple enough concept, and now conveniently available in most high street stores! Yaaay!

Although shirt dresses are intended to be work as just a dress, the structure of the garment coupled with the collar and smart sleeves means you can throw it on top of a pair of trousers or jeans for a casual day and you still have a modest(ish depending on where you stand) look.

Left to Right; Rebecca Minkoff, Ellie Saab and Charlotte Ronson

Left to Right - Rebecca Minkoff, Topshop Unique, Chanel 
I opted for this gorgeous red coloured floral dress from Dorothy Perkins and coupled it with a pair of white jeans... in hindsight the shape of the dress does make me look a bit roundish in the middle (I really need to start my summer burkini-bod diet soon!). But the beautiful flower print and bright colour is a total winner.

Dorothy Perkins has a variety of shirt dresses in stock at the moment, as do most of the other stores. My advice? Stock up on some neutral coloured shirt-dresses that you can wear to work in the latter part of this year and you wont struggle with finding convenient work attire when this trend goes out of trend!

Shop Shirt Dresses
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