19 February 2015

10 perks of being short

There have been plenty of times where I've silently wished that god had blessed me with a couple of more inches of height; you must have experienced it too, those times where you can't reach something on the top shelf/rack at a store. You look around, but with no one in sight to help you you're forced to jump up and down in the hope that you might magically be able to reach (thoughts of Mario jumping for the magic mushroom are conjured in my mind). And eventually you have to give up, make the walk of shame to the counter and ask the assistant for help. But alas ladies, no need to despair, because I've put together a list of reasons why its amazing to be a shorty - so next time your stuck in a rut just focus on these and it'll make the task of reaching up high a little easier to bare!

1. People always help you - So back to my point about not being able to reach things on top shelves, people tend to be more helpful towards smaller people. Not sure if that's because they think we're weak/cute/helpless but every time I have asked a random stranger to get something from the top shelf, they've always said yes!

2. People always think you're younger than you actually are - so admittedly, when I was 17/18 this wasn't the greatest thing in the world. But as you grow older you realize that people associate shortness with youthfulness, which is great because even when you hit 30 people will still think you're 22!

3. In crowds you can sneak through the gaps - probably my favourite perk of being short. If you've ever descended off the Bakerloo Line at Paddington Station at peak time, you'll understand what I mean! When there are big crowds of people pushing and shoving, you can always sneak through the little gaps - and no one even notices you because you're below their eye level!

4. You can always wear heels - if one of my taller counterparts wear heels, it can appear too dressy (or they look like a giant) but I never seem to have that problem. Heels give me the option of being taller (or the same height as everyone else!) and yet I can return back to my normal height at the end of the day - that's what I call a Win Win situation :)

5. People think you're skinnier - For some reason people have this perception that if you're short you're also smaller. Confession moment - I have a bit of puppy fat on my midriff (pot belly!) but this normally goes unnoticed because people just have this impression that  because I'm shorter I must also be skinnier!

6. You will always be in the front of photos - when taking a group photo, you're always asked to be at the front which means you'll be seen in every photo and people are less likely to forget you! On the other hand, if you don't like having your photo taken, you can always hide away in the back!

7. People are less likely to ask you to help carry/lift things - there seems to be this impression with taller folk, that us litlens are not as strong, however this can work in our favour as people are less likely to ask you to help lift heavy objects ( #Lazygirlissues) . Your inability to carry out harder manual task can be blamed on your height as opposed to your actual inability to do the task ;)

8. You're unlikely to be stuck with a man who is shorter than you - now I'm not saying there's something wrong with having a partner that is smaller, but come on, most women want a tall (strong & handsome!) man. The shorter you are , the more likely you'll find a taller man!

9. In the sales, there's always a lot more "small" sized clothing as opposed to "average" size - which means that even if you rock up into a shop a week after the sale started, you're still likely to get your mitts on something half decent!

10. You have an excuse for pushing to the front at events - imagine a room full of people, standing in a circle watching a demonstration/display/talk etc. If a tall person was to push past you and try to get to the front, my initial thought would be "mate what are you doing?!" - but if a smaller person was to try and squeeze past to get to the front it would be more understandable because clearly they can't see anything at the back! So you always get the best view!

So next time you're feeling a little down about the fact that your 5 foot something (I always say something because I don't have the heart to actually measure how short I really am!) then just remember all these points and how lucky you actually have it!

If you can think of any extra perks that I forgot, then make sure you let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time ladies.. x x x

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