18 April 2015

Feeling down or demotivated? So was I... but there's ways to pick yourself back up! :)

Wow, so we're half way through April, and this is my first post of the month! Sorry Ladies!

I would love to say that the reason I haven't been updating as regularly as before is because I was planning something big and amazing or I was away on a relaxing holiday - but unfortunately thats not the case! The truth is I was feeling my very first dose of the "Meh Virus". Now for those of you who are not familiar to this concept, I hope you never will be, but essentially its just a faze where you feel "meh" about everything. I've had it before, at uni, where I've felt really demotivated about things because I wasn't doing enough, and it just results in you doing even less. But back then it only lasted a week or so and this this is the longest period I've ever had it for - and it is horrible ladies! It probably sounds like I was just being lazy, but that wasn't the case. I could have still produced content for my blog, but I don't like doing things half heartedly - and my mumma has always taught me that if you're going to do something, then do it properly or don't do it at all.

And I guess I could have come online today and written a post without disclosing any of this and y'all would have been none the wiser. But I felt that if I shared how I was feeling, then it might help some of you who are in a similar place at the moment. These days, social media plays such a huge role in our lives, and it can be hard when you're constantly looking at people who's lives seem perfect and who always seem happy - but that really isn't the case. I rarely, if ever, share anything negative on my instagram or blog - especially about my own life - and no its not because I want it to come across perfect or better than it is, its because I believe everyone has enough of their own troubles and its more important to share the positive and happy moments and thoughts in order to brighten up peoples days - not dull them even further.

Now that being said, the reason Im sharing this is because when you're feeling down or demotivated, it can be hard to see a way out. I was still doing my normal day to day things, but a lot of the time I was just feeling empty and kept thinking there was something wrong when there was no real problem. I've had real problems in the past, serious problems and I dealt with them - but for the last few months for the first time in my life I started feeling anxious for no reason, I started comfort eating, and I kept all my feelings to myself. Part of the problem was that I started letting go of my prayers, so I would pray here and there, but my heart was never really into it. And I think that made things worse because I felt I had no solace to escape to anymore. I stopped sharing religious inspiration on my social media in fear that I was a hypocrite and I kept telling myself tomorrow will be different, but it took a long time for that tomorrow to come.

So how did things get better? Well there were a number of factors. Firstly, I made a genuine effort with my prayers again. The problem before when I tried to get back to my normal routine of prayers was that I was only praying for the sake of it, instead of actually wanting to. So when I realised that I had to do something to get myself out of the dark hole I was in, I realised the only one I could turn to and be open and honest with was my lord - and that made me want to pray! And when I prayed because I wanted to, I saw the difference, I saw the peace it brought to my heart, and with each prayer I asked for the strength to pray the next one. This was honestly the biggest changing factor in improving my mood and bringing that drive and passion back into my life. In addition to this, I'm so blessed, alhamdullilah, that I have a really good best friend who wakes me up for fajr everyday, who constantly sends me religious reminders and hadiths, and when you're feeling low and lost - you need someone who will push you in the right direction.

Part of the change was due to the weather, its hard to come home from work and jump into bed when the sun is shining so brightly. And if you currently have exams and you're feeling down and you cant enjoy the weather - go and revise outside!

The other thing I had to do was remind myself why I loved the things I did. I'm a passionate person, and I believe thats the reason that I've always done so well academically because I have passion for whatever it is I am learning. But I felt like things were becoming a bit monotonous and mundane, work was the same routine and the weekend came and went so quickly and I just didn't understand how this could be all life comes down to as you get older. The answer? Shake things up - I pulled a few strings at work, spoke to the people I needed to so that I'm constantly learning and pushing myself. I try to plan at least one different activity or place to visit every weekend so that I'm always growing personally as well.

Another thing that can help is giving back to those around you. We are all strapped for time, but try to give a few hours to those in need - it doesn't have to be a charity or an organisation - spend more time with family - with your grandparents! Giving to other people can always make you feel more positive - and what better commodity to give than your time?

If any of your are struggling or feeling alone and thinks theres no one to share you worries with - (because thats how I felt!) - leave a comment below, you can do it anonymously, and insha allah we can all try and support and motivate each other through the difficult times!

That all being said, lets move to todays outfit post - which features this beautiful pastel skirt that I brought from Primark last summer! Thats another thing that can make you feel better - pretty clothes :) I paired it with a white blouse and a lace bolero with a cream coloured scarf. I'm finding it so difficult to find pretty skirts this summer - most of the ones I see have slits in them! If you find any, make sure you let me know, and I'll keep a look out to so I can do a skirts for summer 2015 post soon!

Anyways my loves, I'll leave it here for today.. and inshallah the next post wont be too far away :)

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