26 April 2015

How to make white jeans more modest - OOTD

Summertime can be difficult as a hijabi - every shop I walk past has an array of cute little dresses, short-shorts and white jeans in the window. And even the trend for maxi skirts this summer has been un-modestfied (yes I made that word up!) - pretty much all the maxi skirts in New Look have slits up the sides - so unfair! The trick is, I guess, to take something not so modest and utilise what you already have in your wardrobe to make it more modest. I'll have a post on summer dresses soon, but today its all about those infamous white skinny jeans.

I love my white jeans, (admittedly this pair is from last summer and a little too snug on me after all that winter comfort eating!) but it can be hard pulling off  modest look with white jeans. I decided to pair them with this beige/cream Delila Tunic from *Sunnah Souq. What I love most about this tunic, aside from the neutral colour!, is that the back is longer than the front which provides great booty coverage - essential when you're wearing skinny jeans!

It has a cute embroidered neck and so I decided to pair it with pearl accessories to bring out the detailing. I finished the look with matching hijab and shoes so that the whole colour palette remained simple and neutral.

I know this post is about skinny jeans, but I thought I'd also let you know that these tunics look great paired with maxi skirts. Given that the front of the tunic is higher than the back, it means more of the skirt is visible and creates a tiered abaya look - depending on the colour of skirt you opt for!

You can shop this tunic along with abayas, jilbabs and maxi dresses from the Sunnah Souq website at www.sunnah-souq.de

P.S. Sorry about the squinty eyes in some of these shots - it was way too bright this day. But on the plus side, I learnt why its better to shoot pics later in the day! :)

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