25 May 2015

Are you a Dream Catcher?

If I ask you, what is your dream? What is the first thing that pops into your mind? For me, its to travel the world, to see all the beauty god has created and to bask myself in his glory. Whether I will ever be able to do that, is a different thing all together!  Too often we get weighed down by what society, or our family and friends, tell us will make us happy - we have an ideal life in our minds that we feel we must achieve. And yet, how often do we listen to our own hearts? I read an amazing book last summer called The Alchemist - and without giving away too much, the bulk of it talked about how everyone has a dream - but for most of us, we all wander through life being held down by one thing or another and those dreams.. well they just remain dreams… (I defo recommend adding the book to your summer reads!).

So if I have one piece of advise for you my loves which I want you to hold close to you, it is to never stop dreaming and never stop working towards those dreams.. Because sometimes, your happiness lies in the struggle to achieve the dream, and not the dream itself... 

Thats why I am so happy to share with you today, my collaboration with Links of London on their new dream catcher bracelet. For me, a sure sign as to why you should never stop dreaming and perfectly symbolic (this time last year I would never have guessed that in a years time I would have the opportunity to work with such big brands!). The pendent on this *Silver Dream Catcher Bracelet is a reninterpreation of the classic Native American Indian symbol of protection - and it really does feel like the dreams I've caught are protected inside this sterling silver web. The bracelet is an elegant double diamond-cut glitter wire which brings the whole piece together.  Perfect when worn on its own or together with other bracelets in the Links of London collection, this new addition is a sparkling way to bring to life those treasured images.

Now go catch your dreams... 

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