13 July 2015

Summer Stripes

If you're reading this post whilst the gentle tip tap of rain drops hits your window, then fear not, because the warm weather will be returning at the end of the week. We'll be hitting 28 degrees by Thursday (insha allah) which of course means you'll need to stick on your summer dresses again!

And this stripey pleated dress from Blue Vanilla is just the thing you need! The length of the dress means you can pair it with jeans to opt for a casual look or will leggings and platforms for a more elegant style! Its a chiffon material dress with knee length lining and as such I chose to wear it with jeans and flats which made it an ideal outfit for going down to the river! (I've been promising my niece I'll take her again since then, and now I finally have some time off work, its raining - typical English weather!) 

White can be unflattering at times - and make you look bigger than you are - and you always run the risk of dripping the green and red parts of your twister ice cream onto it in an unforgiving manner! Thats why I love the stripes on this dress - firstly they break up the white, so even if you drop something on to the dress - which I'll admit I have a tendency to do when I wear white - then the stain wont be immediately noticeable. Secondly the vertical strip pattern is slimming - there are darker navy lines and lighter navy lines, the lighter ones are not as evident which means they help with the slimming effect without being obvious! #Perfect

The dress is made of chiffon and clinches in at the waist giving pleat detailing - and helping to create that summer body look without any trips to the gym! White and Blue are perfect colours to pair with brown - so throw on your tan sandals, fringe bag and brown hijab - or opt for white and blue accessories like I did! Either way there are so many different combinations to choose from, so how will you wear it?

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