Nyx Lip Lingerie Swatches and Review

So I finally got round to swatching the NYX Lip Lingeries that I received at the NYX store opening a couple of months ago. You can read the post about the store opening here. I have created a whole video swatching the 12 shades, but I also wanted to a little review and pictures so you guys can get a clearer overview of the colours and which ones are the best shades for you :) 
One thing I have noticed about the shades is that they look very similar, some even identical, when they are in the packaging, but its only when you actually try them on your lips that you can see what the actual colour is. I have brought some Lip Lingeries in the past but I wasn't too impressed with the texture of them, so that was something that was on my mind when testing these ones out. What I realised, and you can see this in the video, is that when the lip colour is too light for me, the product comes out funny.  I don't know how this works, and whether it has anything to do with the colour of your natural lips, but the light pink shades, like Cheekies and Silk Indulgent, were slightly clumpy and actually quite difficult to apply, but the darker shades especially like Scandalous and After Hours went on so smoothly. 

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