Eid Gift Guide for Her

Hey my loves, so I mentioned that I was wrapping up Eid presents over on my Instagram today and whether you guys wanted to see an Eid gift guide and so many of you responded saying yes! I normally do these in video form over on my Youtube, but I have been strapped for time this Ramadan because Noah requires a lot more attention that people realise, so I thought it would be quicker to tap this out whilst he has his evening nap - he'll probably wake up just before Iftar time because lets be honest babies have a built in sensor that lets them know its time for mama to eat! lol The following are in no particular order, but just things that I quite fancy for my self or things I will be getting for my loved ones this Eid

1. Something special from Swarovski - Subtle White Gold Bracelet 

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I have a very similar bracelet already, but its the subtle double bracelet in rose gold. The gold one would be perfect to pair with a gold watch and I love my rose gold one, I wear it so much but it doesn't really match any of my jewellery except my watch so I know I would get so much more wear out of this! (I'm also aware that this is suppose to be a gift guide for other people, but nothing wrong with starting with myself right? :) )

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2. Say it with SI 

I previously gifted this to my sister and she used up the whole bottle within a month! The smell is so addictive that you get a little carried away with spritzing it - she's promised she'll be a lot more sensible with it if I get it for her for Eid so I just had to add it to this guide.

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3. Huda Beauty Minis 

Everyone loved Huda Beauty right? I have a whole video on my channel dedicated to swatches of her liquid lipsticks - and these mini packs of 4 make the perfect present. They look more presentable than the individuals and also give the receiver the opportunity of trying a few different shades before investing in one themselves. 

4. Estee Lauder Pink Plums Palette

Another option for lip products is the new Estee Lauder Pink Plums Palette. This is a limited edition palette only available from Estee Lauder directly or from Debenhams and is perfect for the travel enthusiast, or the lipstick junkie. The shades are gorgeous, and I love how theres a variety; they are quality long lasting lipsticks (they're not really sticks so what would you call them??) - and the small pretty palette is perfect for chucking into your bag to use on the go.

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5. Jewellery Boxes

I'm obsessed with homeware at the moment, especially pretty little ornate pieces for my dressing room and dressing table. And these Geometric holders are perfect for storing jewellery, or make up brushes or little bits and pieces. They would make an ideal gift for someone who has an elegant dressing table, someone who likes home pieces or someone who needs a bit of help organising their life! lol

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6. Kate Spade Bag 

I've recently become obssessed with Kate Spade bags - I love the small designs and the bright colours. (This might be another one on my personal gifts to get me list! lol) But these bags are perfect for when you're running around the city and just want somewhere to slip your phone, keys and lipstick into.

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7. Classic Pointed Heels

What do you get the shoe love who has shoes in every colour? A black pointed pair of heels from Dune - trust me a girl can never have too many black shoes and pointed heels are always a welcome wardrobe classic.

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8. Clinique Take The Day Off - Hi Lash Bye Lash Gift Set

So this leads me on to, what do you get the make up love who has everything? Make Up remover of course! But not any old remover, this Clinique Hi Lash Bye Lash Gift Set is perfect. It comes with a Clinique Mascara and Clinique Take the Day of Balm and Remover. If you follow me over on Instagram you know how much I love this stuff because it really makes removing your make up not only easy but enjoyable!

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9. Guerlain Rouge G 

So the other thing you could get the make up addict who has everything, is one of these Guerlain Rouge G lipstick cases. I love these because there are 15 different designs to choose from and the little case comes with a built in mirror - you can decide which lipstick you want to carry in the cases which makes the various options endless!

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10. Jo Malone Candle 

How can I compile a list of gifts and not include Jo Malone? I love Jo Malone candles, I have them all over the house. Not only do they smell amazing, but they can beautifully packaged and it really does make someone feel so special being gifted one. My favourite scents? Either Red Roses or Peony and Blush suede!

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Thats all on my list for now, do let me know whats on your lists and whether you'd like me to put together a Gift Guide for Him..

Until next time... x


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