My Fifth Avenue - Perfume Review

I spent the first few months of my pregnancy binge watching Friends; I would come home from the office too exhausted to do anything else and too nauseous to eat and just crash into bed and watch my favourite New Yorkers living life. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every single episode - several times. Even now, as I tap this away an episode plays quietly in the background - The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel Season 3 Episode 4. Its become my go to place, I find comfort in something so lighthearted and familiar. And lets be real, it lets me live my New York Dreams without actually going to New York. We have managed a 5 hour flight with Noah, but long haul cross atlantic with an infant isn’t something I’m overly keen to experience just yet, so the streets of New York will just have to wait a little longer.. But until then I can indulge myself in the new Elizabeth Arden “My Fifth Avenue Fragrance”.

The new fragrance is a celebration of a woman’s rightful ambition in the legal of Ms. Arden. An ode to vibrant New York and the dynamic woman who visits or calls it home, it celebrates the unique passion generated at the heart of the city. The bottle, which is just beautiful and sits so elegantly on my dressing table, is inspire by the glamour of the skyscrapers on 5th Avenue and features clean lines an sharp angles with reflective gold touches.

The main ingredients to the scent are mandarin, lotus flower, blooming jasmine and orris accord. The mandarin offers a sparkling, juicy scent to the fragrance and through an innovative extraction process, the entire mandarin is used as oppose to the just the peel allowing the fragrance to capture the full impression of the fruit. The lotus flower, which grows on the lotus plant that takes root deep under water, follows the light to grow. It leaves an exquisite, light floral sweet when immersed in the fragrance. The blooming jasmine used in My Fifth Avenue is sourced from a formerly unharmed region along the upstream of the Nile River. Here, the unique environmental conditions allow the jasmine flowers to take on distinct richness and warmth. These precious petals offer the cleanest quality of jasmine for the scent. Finally the Iris used for the orris accord possessed nuances both floral and woody. The precious ingredient is one of perfumery most expensive - undergoing an intricate extraction process to yield the prized oil. Its rich, woody facets are competent by cedar wood, adding dimension to the fragrance and heightening its enduring warmth.

The fragrance smells fresh and clean and I love the touch of warmth it brings to the air in the current cold climate. It lasts all day, price wise it is reasonably priced and theres something comforting about the scent which means I’ll be reaching for it all season long. Thank you Elizabeth Arden for giving me a touch of New York right from the comfort of my own home.

You can buy My Fifth Avenue for 28.80GBP here. 


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  2. I love light floral sweet scent so yeah I think I'm gonna check it out soon. Thanks for reviewing!
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  3. The packaging looks exquisite and chic! your description makes me really wanna try it out!

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