Mostly Monochrome with Kurt Geiger

I've been wanting to start writing again for so long, I think of all these great posts I want to tap out and share, I actually write them out mentally in my head but just never get enough time to sit here and get on with it. At the beginning of the year, I decided to set myself scheduled working hours - I found myself working till 1 or 2 am last year and there was just no work life balance. But the reality is, whilst being able to switch of and relax in the evenings is wonderful, I am so behind with things I want to share, or review or talk about and I've realised that its not physically possible to get everything done in the time frame I give myself. I spend my days creating content, attending meetings and events and doing business admin whilst trying to watch/play with/ enjoy every moment I can with Noah and take care of the home and make time for family and friends and other personal commitments - the reality is, in order to juggle everything I have to sacrifice sanity or sleep lol! So sleep wins, and here I am tapping out this post at 10:30pm on a Saturday night! This won't be a super intense or informative post, I thought I'll start with something light and an Outfit Post always seems like an easy go to as thats what I started sharing first on this platform.

So, below is what I wore to the Kurt Geiger Lunch event yesterday. The theme was brilliant brights, rainbow colours and mostly monochrome so I opted for red, head to toe. It was a super fun morning hosted by the amazing blogger Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble who is the face of the new campaign.

My hijab is a Modal scarf from Haute Hijab - the quality of their hijabs is amazing. They are slightly more expensive than most hijabs available out there but honestly worth every penny, you can wear a Haute Hijab every day for months on end and they don't bubble or fray or wear out in the wash! I don't even use pins with my everyday scarf anymore because this material is so good the hijab always stays in place! You can shop them here. 

The dress is from Zara, and whilst I loved how it looked and felt, the material is appalling. It feels cheap and if you get something stuck it will snag so easily. This alone wasn't enough to put me off, but the event was in a room full of people and because I was quite warm, I got sweat marks on the under arm area! I was mortified and had to make sure I kept my arms down the entire time, they were only small marks but still not something that I would expect from a dress costing this much. I've tried to find a few different similar dresses for you below.

I accessorised my dress with a gorgeous pair of red heels and a super cute small red bag both from Kurt Geiger. They have so many gorgeous pieces in this range - theres a multi coloured unicorn inspired one which I just loved but I wasn't sure that I would be able to wear it a lot so I opted for the red one. I'll link a few of my faves below. I also added a little black gucci belt to the waist to add some shape to the dress and opted for my heart clip on earrings from Zara.

I finished off the outfit with a warm coat, and I chose this floor length black fur number from Boohoo to keep me cosy but also looking chic.


  1. Love this outfit! I absolutely adore the bag😍

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  4. You are looking gorgeous and Loved the earring.

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