Afternoon Tea at Sketch London

Recently I got to tick something of my bucket list and went for afternoon tea at Sketch London. Now for those of you who don’t know what Sketch London is (where have you been?!) it is a restaurant based in Mayfair London with a very quirky and unique atmosphere. The place is split into 3 separate areas, and has one of the funkiest rest rooms I have ever seen (but more on that and how I accidently ended up on the gents side of the loos later on!)

I’ll stick to talking about afternoon tea in this post, and if I ever get to go to Sketch again, I’ll let you know about the delights of the other rooms. Now to begin with, I was super excited because afternoon tea takes place in the Pink gallery room and if you’ve ever seen my instagram theme you know what a big fan of pink I am!

As soon as you get to the front entrance, the staff are there ready to greet you with a smile and warm welcome. They really go over and beyond to make you feel welcome. Once we got seated and comfortable at our table, I decided to pop to the ladies room (and took my camera with me - of course!). The rest room is surreal, it is so bright and white and then has a rainbow coloured ceiling, it’s a bit of a shock to the system when you first walk in as the afternoon tea gallery is very dimly lit, so the change in light is drastic. The actual toilet cubicles are shaped like egg pods which is pretty cool, what is not cool is that I took the left set of stairs and ended up in the mens side of the room and one of the staff members had to redirect me #awkward

As if that wasn’t awkward enough, I got back to my seat to see another member of staff talking to my sister about champagne and caviar, I politely told the lady we don’t drink alcohol and she took the trolley away. I then broke out in a fit of laughter, because not only do we not drink, but my sister is also allergic to sea food! She’s also allergic to nuts, and lentils, and mangoes… and this is something that I forgot to tell Sketch about before arrival, but they were very good in altering the menu and food to her needs.

After the initial awkward moments, the lovely Elani came over to introduce herself and be our host for the afternoon. She showed us the tea tray and talked us through the selection of teas and explained what the flavour of each one and what food it would best compliment - if you love tea then this is a must do experience for you! I loved the tea trolley and am really considering getting one for myself – I’m not huge on tea myself but being Pakistani and British, pretty much everyone I know loves tea!

The food was extremely filling, and surprisingly heavy. The sandwiches and desserts were different to any that I’ve had before and we really  had to pace ourselves. At no point did we feel rushed and we noticed that most of the other customers were there for at  least a couple of hours. The staff are extremely attentive, but do leave you alone for long periods of time to ensure you don’t feel rushed when eating your food.

Overall it was a really good afternoon and I am glad I took my sister to enjoy it with me - its probably something I would save for a special occasion such as a significant birthday or celebration as it is very pricey for what you get, but it is definitely worth going just for the experience. 

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