Dining in the Sky - Bloggers breakfast at Duck and Waffle

So last week the lovely ladies from Love to Dress treated a handful of bloggers to breakfast at Duck and Waffle. Before I go ahead a do a review of this place for you all, I need to say a massive thanks to Asma and Sumaya. As a blogger I am lucky enough to attend a lot of different events, but this was one of the best – simply because these ladies are so funny! They are so down to earth and my jaw was literally hurting from laughter at the end of the breakfast. I will post pictures of my LTD outfit soon on my instagram so keep an eye out for that :)

So moving onto Duck and Waffle, this was my first time going and I was so excited. We actually have one of our offices very close by, so a work colleague and I have already decided we shall be going back for a working lunch!

The restaurant is located on the 44th floor, and the way up is in a glass lift. Now I am not scared of heights, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that my stomach hurled a little when the lift zoomed up. I’m pretty sure it took less than a minute (if only the tubes travelled that fast ;) ) The lift gives the most amazing view of London, and its such an amazing experience because the higher you get the more you can see. London is extremely close to my heart as it is where I studied for 4 years, where I found some of my closest friends and where I decided to wear the hijab, so seeing it in a view I haven’t seen before really made me feel emotional! Lol

The restaurant itself is very elegantly designed, and I will include some pics of the interior below. There is a bar area with view of the whole of London from both sides, and the place is decorated with beautiful chandeliers.

We had breakfast in a private room which was great as it created a really intimate feeling and gave me a chance to talk to the other bloggers there.

Now moving on to food, I will be honest, I have no idea what I ate but it tasted amazing.

The menu was vegetarian and as I was slightly late I only got to taste a little bit of the starters which included Poppadoms, House bread, olives, roasted beets and Puy lentils. It actually felt like I was having a Pakistani breakfast if I’m honest :)

The next part was my favourite; we had seasonal vegetable salad and burrata and marjoram ravioli (I still have not idea what  burrata and marjoram are so I should probably do a bit of research!).  The seasoning on the vegetable salad was something I hadn’t tasted before and it worked so well, the lettuce and apple tasted especially good with the ravioli, which was probably on the larger side of any ravioli I’ve had before.

And then finally we had dessert – who has dessert at breakfast?! (clearly bloggers ;)) – dessert was Torrejas and chocolate fondant but I only had a little bit of this because by this point I was absolutely stuffed.

Overall the food and experience of Duck and Waffle was exceptional (and it was enhanced further because of the company I was in!). I would definitely recommend it and it is somewhere I will be going again (hopefully very soon :)

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