11 October 2017

Must Have Mustards!

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and as much as I love the spring flowers, or the summer sun or the winter snow (when we get some!) nothing beats Autumn. The colours, the crunch, the chilly weather and hot drinks - and of course Autumn Fashion! Its not as cold as winter, where your whole outfit is just covered up by your coat, but its not as warm as summer either, which means you can layer up - I love being able to play with different fabrics and different colours. And as much as I don't like eating mustard, I just cant get enough of this warm yellow in my Autumn wardrobe. I recently shared a snap of this mustard cardigan from Modanisa on my instastories and it was sold out within 24 hours! It is a gorgeous and warm piece, and I guess the reduced price of £14.81 helped hugely! (Plus another 20% off and free shipping if you used my discount code SEBINA20)

Anyway, its now sold old and no use crying over spilt milk - which I would probably do in my current state because lets be real pregnancy hormones are all over the place! But I thought I would be super helpful and link some more cardigans and sweaters for you all below. Remember you can use my discount code to save money, its not an affiliate code so I don't make anything whether you use it or not, I'm just trying to be helpful :) I get a lot of questions about postage and customs as well - so postage from Modanisa normally takes under or around a week, and legally customs should be charged on anything coming into the UK which is over the value of 30GBP. However my experience with this is very hit and miss, not just with Modanisa but with all international post I receive, I've had items worth over £100 with no customs and items worth £31 with customs (and those horrid admin fees - Fedex seem to be the worst!) but like I said my experience has been so varied when it comes to customs that I really can't guarantee anything. 

Some of the items below are on for super cheap as they are final pieces, so get them quick if you like them otherwise they will be gone. If you click on the image it should take you directly to the product and I've tried to add prices below each item to make it easy as possible :)

20.74 GBP

17.77 GBP

11.84 GBP

8.87 GBP

20.74 GBP

14.81 GBP

20.74 GBP

20.74 GBP

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