The Body Shop - 25 Days Deluxe Advent Calendar - Giveaway

My first ever experience with an Advent Calendar was back in Year 2 when we made them in "Tech Class". We all got to design our individual doors and then make our individual chocolates - using melted chocolate and plastic moulds! And then Mrs Wastell put it all together for us :) Growing up as a Muslim, Advent Calendars were unheard of in our house, but after this little experience I made sure I got my hands on an Advent Calendar every year. The feeling of having something to open every morning was so exciting; like a little gift from yourself to yourself but unlike everything else you "treat" yourself to, there was always an element of surprise which I loved! Most of the time I was inpatient, and the chocolate had already been eaten within the first 2 weeks :)

Thats why I am an absolute sucker for Beauty Advent Calendars! Chocolates great, but Make Up and Skin Care products are even better! I have a couple of Calendars this year which I was luckily sent by some lovely brands, so keep your eyes peeled as I will be doing posts for all of them - but today I will be taking through the Body Shop 25 Days Deluxe Advent Calendar! It really is a Deluxe Calendar and what I love best is that is is multi functional.

So first up, it serves its original purpose of being an Advent Calendar, and like traditional Calendars it has 25 doors - (some brands have started opting for a 12 days of Christmas approach in the last few years). Each "door" is actually a box, which is great if your impatient like me and wan to have a sneak peak at what might be behind a certain day without letting anyone else know you've opened it :) The box is heavy because of all the products inside, but you can tell that both the outer packaging and the individual products have been made of high quality materials to give it that luxe feel. The green colour theme of the whole Calendar gives Christmassy vibes without feeling outdated.

I won't go through all the products, because like I said I love the element of surprise when it comes to Advent Calendars. If you want to see whats inside then head over to the body shop website here, where you can find a list of the items along with pictures!

The Calendar is prices at  £65.00 which is obviously a lot more than the couple of quid that I was parting with for my original Chocolate Calendars, but the retail value of the products inside is a lot more (I believe its around £115 but not 100% sure on that!) Its a great gift to buy someone special, or to treat yourself - so much time, thought and money goes into gifts for others and it is important to show some self love as well :) Another option, which is something I would highly recommend if you don't celebrate Christmas, is to group up and buy the Calendar together - so either with your team at work, or with your flat mates or your siblings - that way you're getting to share the excitement, getting yourself some cute little gifts and saving a bit of dosh!

I mentioned that this Calendar is multi functional, so once you've emptied all the boxes DONT throw them away! They have a question on one side, and an answer on the other so it doubles up as a game that you can all play together on Christmas Day :)

If all of the above wasn't enough to tempt you, then remember the Body Shop are Cruelty Free and Against Animal Testing - and they were the first brand to actively promote and campaign for this! So now you can enjoy all your goodies guilt free.

I'm also giving away one lucky reader this Advent Calendar - all you need to do is leave your instagram name below and go comment on this picture on my instagram account to tell me you've entered. Winner will be picked and sent Calendar on Monday 11th December :)


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