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A small keepsake from Tresor Paris

I'm not sure if they do this in other countries, but in England, its a sort of tradition that on the last day of school the leavers all get their shirts signed. So my shirt from when i left primary school ages 11, and secondary school aged 16 are both stuffed in a box somewhere at the back of my wardrobe - the same box also contains a few scrapbooks, a project I did on my first residential trip to Belgium, a handful of receipt and tickets from special occasions and some treasured pictures. The box is one of many of my “memory boxes”, I have one from my wedding as well filled with little mementos like my favour box, and wedding cards, and even dried roses from my bouquet! I’ve always been the sentimental type and holding onto little keepsakes that bring back fond memories is an old habit of mine.  

That is why I was so excited to go into Tesor Paris a few weeks ago and pick something from their Elixir collection. Made up of beautifully coloured pieces, this mix and match collection is like the adult version of Pic-N-Mix sweets that I would drool over as a child. It was so hard to settle on just one piece so I opted for a keepsake necklace and a charm bangle. 

I have had so many questions about the necklace, its a beautifully crafted piece with crystals all around the edge on one side and TRESOR PARIS all around the circumference on the other side. The inside is filled with crystals and initials for our little family and people are always intrigued as to what is in there or what it stands for. I opted for the 25mm Gold round locket which is also available in a smaller 20mm size, and in rose gold or silver.  The lockets are also available in 3 other shapes, Heart, Dropped Heart and Diamond, but there shapes are only available in one size. The smaller size is perfect if you are opting for 1 or 2 initials and the bigger size for more initials.


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The initials are also available in silver or gold, and despite being so small they are beautifully made and super cute! I opted for silver to contrast with the gold of my locket, and the great thing is you can add or change up the initials as and when you wish (I was thinking of adding more initials for more children, as opposed to removing your hubby’s initial when you're mad at him! lol). 

The second thing I opted for was a charm bangle - this sterling silver bangle is called the Eternal Charm bangle and is paved with beautiful crystals on both sides and I thought it was perfect to wear on special occasions to remind me of my special occasion. I chose a dangling heart charm for the centre and two hoop charms for either side; 3 cute little pieces to mark the 3 of us in our little family. 

If you want to shop the collection from Tresor Paris then you can use my discount code for 10% of - code is TP10SH.  Take care until next time, 

Sebina x 

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This is not a sponsored post but both pieces were kindly gifted by Tresor Paris. 


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