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Dior Addict Lacquer Plump - Review and Swatches

Spring Summer 2018 is all about the Bright and the Bold - take a look in any high street store or in any fashion magazine and you will see rack upon rack of dresses, skirts and summer wear in primary colours. Bright yellow dresses, cropped red tops and blue culottes; and its not much different when it comes to your make up this season, its all about minimal with a pop of colour and whats the best way to add a bit of brightness? On your lips of course!

Thats where the new Dior Addict Lacquer Plump comes into play - intense in colour and long wearing, they do not budge so are perfect for those long summer days. I actually had a difficult time removing the swatch stains from my arm so you know these will last all day, and all night! They leave a stain on your lips even after you’ve removed them which I especially like because it means you don’t have to worry about lippy the next day - and actually shade Diorly (which might just be my fave!) left a beautiful pinkish tint on my lips which just made them look naturally plump and bright.


Shades from top to bottom are; 898 Midnight Star, 777 Diorly, 676 Dior Fever, 648 Dior Pulse, 538 Dior Glitz, 426 Lovely - D

A hybrid between a lipstick and lipgloss, Dior has created a special formula which is unique to describe. Texture wise, its somewhere in between gloss and matte, whilst wearing it the product didn't feel heavy on my lips and actually left them feeling hydrated (which is always a blessing when you have dry lips like I do.) Hyaluronic acid has been used which explains why they leave my lips feeling so good, and Dior state that it leaves the lips with 78% increase in hydration for 24 hours after application.

Unlike any lip plumping product I’ve used before, these actually do what they say they will. When I tested these out, the plumping element was an after thought - I was testing them for colour, for formal and wear time and was pleasantly surprised at how they gave my lips a little boost! Natural Origin Hibiscus extract has been used for the plumping effect and it really does work. 

The lacquers are available in 3 different finishes - Classic, Neon and Glitter. Whilst my personal preference is always classic, I can see how the glitter could be a staple for this years make up bag - especially in the shade Dior Glitz which would be the perfect way to finish of a slowly summer sun kissed look. There are 16 shades available all together and you can buy them here, I’ve swatched 6 of them in the images in this post. Let me know below in the comments which colour is your favourite?

I also need to give a special little mention to the packaging - its super sleek and chic. The black and silver colours give it an elegant touch - although it was super difficult to photograph and the the slightest touch leaves finger print marks. My favourite feature of the packaging though, is the fact that the product is shaped like a lipstick and then the bottle opens up like a gloss, it really pays tribute to the fact that this is an amalgamation of a lipgloss and lipstick and I think it shows the designers had fun coming up with the whole concept!

Shop Dior Addict Lacquer Plump here


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